About Us

Que's Costumes is located in coastal North Carolina, and was established in 2011.

Our History

Que's childhood was filled with homemade Halloween, and visits to grandma's house where there was always a sewing project waiting. Liger Zero Cosplay In high school, she found mascot-style costumes, cosplay, and the convention community.

In January 2008, she attended her first anime convention. By January 2010, she returned to the same convention with her Liger Zero cosplay. This only served to jump-start her interest in all things costuming.

Que studied sewing costumes and props for theatre at the college level, and later received further private instruction. In late 2011, she was taking commissions under the name Que's costumes.

Behind the Name

Early on, the username 'Que-Sera-Sera' was used on various social media sites, inspired by French class in high school. Que's Costumes Group Photo Many friends were met over the years. One of these friends short-handed 'Que-Sera-Sera' to just 'Que,' and it quickly stuck as a nickname.

Que's early cosplays were posted on these accounts, and so the transition to 'Que's Costumes' was natural.

The African Fat-Tail Gecko, Neal

Neal curled up in shape of logo

The design of Que's Costumes website and logo is based on Neal, Que's first pet. Neal is an African Fat-Tail gecko, which is a nocturnal reptile from deserts of West Africa.

Neal was adopted in December of 2008 with his tail already re-grown. He enjoys napping, cuddling, and lazing around. When he's not sleeping, he's munching on crickets and waxworms, his favorite treats.

Neal is a very docile reptile. He will spend hours curled up on a warm leg, shoulder, or a laptop.


Best in Show at Ohayocon

Judge's Choice Colossalcon 2011

Best in Show Ohayocon 2016

1st Place Master's Division Nashicon 2016

Judges' Choice X-Con World 2016