Frequently Asked Questions

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Born with an affinity for costumes, and exposed to sewing growing up, Que offers a die-hard enthusiasm for sewing and costuming. Excited by even the smallest of projects, Que strives for high ambitions and improvement on past skills, with a hint of perfectionism.

I own multiple geckos, whose vivariums are located separately from my work area and material storage.

If allergies are a concern; I do have an additional job as a dog groomer. Canine dandruff does come into the household on work clothes. While there is no contact, there is a small chance costumes can carry small traces of dandruff.

I won't personally be much of help. I can, however, direct anyone to the 'WIP Zone' group chat on Telegram. They provide discussion, tutorials, and plenty of help for all levels of crafting skill. Tutorials will be a future feature, and will be posted in due time.

We are not accepting apprenticeships or internships in the forseeable future.

All business related correspondance and communication is done through email. Messenger services are saved exclusively for personal, non-work contact. Please do not ask for these.

Any contact made on any social media website will be directed to email.

The items we offer include full fursuit costumes, partial costumes, and head-only projects.

For items that aren't listed, please send an email to inquire!

The short answer is yes and no.

Artistic liberty projects are always more value for the price, and are always available. Other types of projects are offered during certain times on social media, such as projects which require furs in stock, experimental projects, and small parts.

Artistic liberty commissions allow the artist most, if not full choice on aspects of the project, including but not limited to species, colors, patterns, features, and themes. Suggestions or direction can be given, such as color themes or species, but most of the design is up to the artist.

These projects tend to be more economical compared to standard prices, but they also allow the freedom to play to the artist's strengths.

Yes - the deposit is required in full, but each subsequent payment must be a minimum of $100 USD per month. Work isn't guaranteed to be started until the project is funded in full. Projects that have not been paid for in full, including shipping, will not be sent out.

Que's Costumes ships to any country that accepts mail from the United States. International clients must be aware and prepared for customs fees or taxes.

A three-view, non-shaded character reference and a list of preferred features if available are required to receive a quote.

From there, once the deposit is paid in full, Que's Costumes will require a Duct Tape Dummy (DTD), a hand tracing, and a pair of comfortable shoes, depending on the type of project.

Absolutely. A DTD is the next best thing to having clients in the studio to try on costume pieces. It's necessary to ensure that parts fit and match up together.

Warranties last six months after the costume arrives at its shipping destination, during which any repairs are free. Ship whatever piece(s) needed back, and they will be repaired and returned at no cost.

Faux fur, cotton and polyester fabrics, upholstry and EVA foam, plastics, and silicone are all used in our costumes.

No real animal parts or fur are used in the creation of these costumes.

We can work with a short description - white wolf with purple pawpads for example. Artistic liberty projects are great for those without a design in mind.

This amount of time depends on many variables including but not limited to the project's place in queue, complexity of design, project size, and final payment.

In general we do not work with deadlines. There are exceptions subject to a rush fee.

Characters owned by copyright are off-limits, unless the character is based on natural or common designs, for example a black husky, a rust-colored fox, or gold and brown mustang.

Costumes that feature in the gallery will not be duplicated.

Every project comes with a care sheet describing the best way to maintain each costume piece. An onsite version of this guide can be found here.

Additionally, an off-site guide can be found here, provided by the webshow, Fursuiter's World.

Any question that isn't answered above can be asked through our Contact page.