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This page lists all of the projects we offer. All prices are displayed in USD, and provide a rough estimation. Patterns, markings, or additional colors can change the price. A quote is required for an accurate price.

Our Price Estimator makes it easy to gauge how much a costume will cost. When you're ready to send in for a final price, our Quote Form will allow us to calculate an accurate cost!

Fursuit Head/Mask

Fursuit Head Example

Average Price $500

Our toony fursuit masks are made of upholstry foam carved into the shape of a chosen animal's head. Basic features include a plastic nose and a choice of static or following eyes.

Additional Features

Ear vents $50

Moving jaw $200

Semi-realism style $300 (includes moving jaw)

Partial Fursuit

Average Price $900

Partial Fursuit Example

Partial costumes consist of a mask, hands, and a tail. Hands have either four or five digits, and feature appliqued pawpads. Tails are stuffed with polyfil stuffing and attach via belt loops.

Feet are sculpted out of upholstry foam on provided shoes. Sleeves are tubes of fabric made to fit either legs or arms, held in place with elastic.


Feet $150

Arm sleeves $100

Leg sleeves $120

Extra Features

Plastic claws on hands $30 On feet $30

Silicone pawpads on hands $70 On feet $100

Fursuit Body Example

Fursuit Bodysuit

Average Price $600

Bodysuits cover the arms, torso, hips, and legs. A zipper is in the front for access. Padding can be added to alter the wearer's shape, or left off to maintain a more human figure.

Additional Features

Leg padding $250 (also known as digitigrade)

Feminine bust & hips $200

Complete Costume

Full Costume Example

Average Price $1600

This costume contains everything listed above; head, hands, feet, tail, and a body. This option typically costs less than ordering parts individually.

Full fursuits can have any combination of the previously mentioned features. Arm and leg sleeves can be added as well for a partial fursuit option.