Terms of Service

Sending the deposit for a project denotes a non-negotiable agreement to the following terms of sale and that the client is 18 years of age or older.

Artist Style

All items offered are provided in Que's Costumes' art style. Markings, colors, and other features from provided reference material are translated into this style. Exact replicas of references are not to be expected. Que's Costumes will not duplicate another artist's style.

Creations by Que's Costumes are works of art first and wearable articles second. Que's Costumes is not responsible for any damages to person(s) or creations through miswear and misuse, respectively. It is up to the wearer to be safe, hydrated, and careful.


All prices mentioned and discussed by Que's Costumes are in United States Dollars (USD).

New projects are accepted only after a quote is provided by Que's Costumes, and the client accepts the price of said quote. Quotes are in effect for a duration of one month; if the deposit is not paid a new quote must be requested. Changes to the project can be made before the quote expires; if project has been started a fee may incur.

Quotes are only provided in response to a completed form, including a multiple-view reference that is not adult in nature. Que's Costumes reserves the right to decline any project.


Costume prices include a non-refundable deposit that equals one-third of the total price (excluding shipping).

Que's Costumes offers payment plans, with a minimum of $100 per payment, and a minimum of one payment per month.

Payments can be made through Paypal invoices or money orders sent with a tracking number.


The first payment made towards a costume project secures a place on the project queue. Placement depends on factors including but not limited to full payment, complexity of costume, and delivery of measurements and/or duct tape dummy (DTD).

Que's Costumes does not work with hard deadlines. Soft deadlines can be requested, but are not guaranteed.

DTDs must be taped together adequately; any projects without a properly taped up DTD will result in a $50 USD additional charge. The project name or description must be clearly marked on the DTD.


The remaining balance must be fully paid off, including shipping fees, before the finished costume will be shipped.

Shipping cost includes tracking and insurance.

Any customs, taxes, duty fees, and other fees on top of shipping and handling are the responsibility of the customer. Packages will not be marked as gifts.


Que's Costumes offers a warranty for one month from the date of delivery and covers construction errors. Item(s) must be shipped to Que's Costumes to be fixed. Que's Costumes will reimburse the shipping cost, repair the item, and return the item at no cost.

Warranties do not cover repairs for wear from normal use, buyer's remorse, or items that could be corrected from seeing work-in-progress (WIP) photos such as color or shape.

The warranty is void if the costume is modified in any way.


In the event of a cancellation by the client, up to 2/3 the cost of the project will be refunded, and any complete items will be sent to the client. Shipping cost will be deducted from the refund. Any completed parts that are not sent to the client will be modified if necesary, and sold at the discretion of Que's Costumes.

A cancellation by the artist will warrant either a full refund of all payment sent, or a partial refund with completed items sent to the client. Shipping in this scenario is covered by Que's Costumes.

A six-month lapse of communication regards the commission abandoned and any completed items become property of Que's Costumes. A final attempt at contact will then be made to refund. If client does not respond after thirty days, all funds sent become property of Que's Costumes.