Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes Que's Costumes Unique?

We work one-on-one with our clients while maintaining a short queue to reduce our wait time and increase satisfaction for the finished project.

In the past we've gone over and above expectations to remedy issues that have arisen because our main goal, beyond creating a menagerie of creatures, is the gratification of our customers.

What materials do you use?

Our faux fur is sourced from a variety of sites including (but not limited to), Fursuit Supplies, BigZFabrics, Mendels, Howl Fabrics, Im Stuffed Fur, CRs Crafts, and even Etsy. We take the time to order swatches so we can check colors and quality of fur. 

We source our fleeces and some vinyls locally, as well as all of our notions (zippers, thread, etc). If a specialty fabric is required we will find it online.

The magnets we use are strong neodymium for best results. We use polyester thread in our machines and upholstry thread while hand-sewing. Costume eyes are made from buckram painted with acrylics.  

Other materials are the standard hot glue, super glue, apoxie sculpt, and various foams such as upholstry, EVA, and open-cell.

None of our projects include materials that we wouldn't be comfortable using for our personal-use creations.

Should I be concerned about pet allergens?

The Que's Costumes studio is a dedicated room located in our living space. We do not currently have any pets that have dander.

However, both residents work in the pet industry field. Dog and cat dander can be picked up on our clothing at our day jobs and travel to our home. There is a possibility, though minute, that this dander can come in contact with project materials.

Possible clients with severe pet allergens may want to consider another artist to avoid any complications.  

Does my item have a warranty?

Absolutely! We offer a thirty-day period to test the fit of costumes and use of other project types. The warranty covers return shipping and labor for corrections.

Our Terms of Service has more details.

Do you use Duct-Tape-Dummies (DTD) or measurements?

The short answer is that it depends on the project.

We require DTDs for bodysuits and any commission that includes a bodysuit. For hands we use a hand tracing. For feet we ask for a US shoe size. We have a list of other measurements needed, unique for each project type.

For more information on DTDs and how to make one, please visit our Duct Tape Dummy page!

Should I brush fur backwards?

Absolutely not.

 Slicker brushes were only intended to be used where the tip of the tines (teeth) follow the direction of fur. Brushing backwards not only doesn't work, it can allow matting to happen over time. Shedding is a normal occurrence of faux fur upkeep and it should not discourage regular brushing.

A metal comb can be used in lieu of a slicker brush if a more gentle touch is preferred.

What soap/detergent can I use to wash faux fur?

 Most standard detergents work just fine! Anything that can also wash polyester clothing will also cleanse faux fur.

Avoid the types of detergents that are formulated specifically for natural fibers. Faux fur is not natural; it's plastic. Detergent like Woolite may leave oils and other residue, meaning the suit is not actually clean.

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