Services & Prices

On this page you'll find a list of what projects we offer and their minimum prices in United States Dollars (USD). Currently the only currency we accept is USD. We do accept projects from international customers, but because conversions fluctuate, we would recommend searching the internet for a currency converter to see an accurate price in your country.

With the varying differences in character design from character to character, these prices are subject to change, and will increase with design intricacy. For example, a high number of stripes or spots will cost more than a solid-colored character.

Domestic shipping to the lower 48 United States is included in these prices. Rush fees are an extra, additional cost.


Small tails start at $100 USD - for bears, bunnies, deer, rabbits, corgis, and other nub-type tails.

Medium tails start at $250 - for canines, felines, and hyenas.

Large tails start at $400 - for kangaroos, thylacines, otters, skunks, and exaggerated-sized tails for animals listed above. Small avian tails would be in this price range.

Deluxe tails can start at $600. Dutch Angel Dragons, standard dragons, dinosaurs, and floor-dragger tails fit under this category, as well as large avian tails.

Instead of covering a part of the body, tails add to the silhouette of a costume, changing the body's shape. Most tails are worn with a belt via loops on the tail's base. The majority of tails are essentially polyfil-stuffed pillows, though some have an inner upholstery or EVA foam structure. Our tails use nylon webbing (backpack straps) for belt loops.


Hands start at $300 USD.

As the name suggests, these pieces wear like gloves. They cover hands from fingertips to mid-forearm. Most hand paws have 4-5 digits on each hand. Paw shapes vary in size and shape from one character to another.

Pawpads come in fleece, vinyl, or silicone.

Claws are optional, and can be made of fleece, vinyl, or plastic.

Our paws come with a finished cuff. There is no lining for best airflow and cleaning, though "puffy" style paws come with individual pillows for each finger.


Feet start at $300 USD.

These are effectively the shoes or slippers for a costume. There are generally two versions available - Indoor and Outdoor. Indoor feet have soft, detailed bottoms intended for interior flooring (carpets, hardwood, tile). Outdoor feet have soled bottoms that can survive wear and tear on harsher terrain (concrete, gravel, asphalt).

Additionally, feet can be built upon a pair of shoes provided by the client, or as "sock paws" with an inner fabric slipper. Both of these styles come lined and with a finished cuff.

Claws are optional, and can be made of fleece, vinyl, or plastic.

For Indoor feet, pawpads can be made out of fleece, vinyl, or silicone. Hand-made sandals can be made with an order to protect the soles of indoor feet.


Fursuit heads start at $900 USD.

Fursuit heads are masks that completely cover the head, and change the silhouette to that of an animal shape. Construction and materials depend on client preference. Semi-realistic heads have more animal-accurate proportions. These come standard built on a plastic resin shell (also called resin blank).

Toony heads are friendly and approachable, like cartoon characters. The proportions and shapes are more exaggerated in this style. They can be built on either on a carved upholstery foam base or a resin blank.

We offer follow-me eyes and moving jaws in both styles, and foam-based heads are lined. Silicone noses and tongues are available for resin blank masks.

We also have experience with magnetic accessories, fans, LED-lit features, "pickable" noses, interchangeable tongues, and piercings.


Costume bodies start at $1200 USD.

Padding can add an additional $300-500 USD or more.

Bodysuits cover the remainder of the body that the above items do not. On standard bodies, the zipper is in the front and the legs look straight, like human legs. Bodies are built upon Duct Tape Dummies (DTD) to ensure best and most accurate fit.

Padding changes the shape of the wearer; legs can look more animalistic (also referred to digitigrade legs), a body could be more muscular or rotund, as well as an enhanced bosom/chest. For most suits, padding pieces are pillows that sit inside the body, but more complicated shapes may be built with upholstery foam.

Tail attachment options can vary but some methods we've used are holes for belt loops, a small sleeve to transition from body to tail, and a zipper base on the tail. Projects that include a tail can have the tail directly attached to the body.

Dropped-crotch suits have the appearance of a long slender body and short legs, with the crotch of the body coming down to the wearer's knees.

Partial Fursuits

Partials start at $1500 USD. For sleeves and leggings, add $150 each.

Partial fursuits are a good beginner option for those new to fursuiting. Partials are a combination of pieces where only the torso and hips are covered by normal clothing.

 Where partials are a minimum of three pieces - head, hands, and tail - other parts like feet and even sleeves and leggings can be added.

Measurements will be needed, but not a duct tape dummy.

Full Fursuits

Full costumes cost between $2200 and $3000. Highly detailed markings, number of colors, padding and other additions like wings can add to the price.

Full fursuits cover the wearer from head to toe. A fullsuit can come with a head, pair of hands, pair of feet, a tail, and a body. Other items that can be added include sleeves for both arms and legs, as well as wings. 

 A duct tape dummy is required.

 For details of the mentioned parts, please see descriptions of said items above.

 Full fursuits also come with a swag bag that includes a repair kit, printed care guide specific to the suit, a slicker brush, comb, stickers, tee shirt, and other goodies! (subject to availability)

Looking for Something Else?

We offer far more items than fursuits and fursuit parts alone, many of which can be seen in our Gallery!

Send a message our way via the Contact Us page with details of your project and we can discuss it!